Tuesday, 15 January 2013

gangasagar mela 2013

How can I reach Gangasagar from kolkata?

Sagar Island can be approached from either Harwood point or Namkhana. Both the points are linked by Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) or West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation buses. Distance of Harwood Point is around 80 Km. from Kolkata and Namkhana is 13 Kilometers more.. During the Mela busses will end at the ferry crossing in Harwood point (or also called 'Lot 8'), and they will start in Kolkata also from Babughat, Howrah RS and Taratola in South Kolkata
Both the points Namkhana and Harwood Point can be reached by train from Sealdah Station. There are direct trains to Kakdwip from Sealdah Station..
During the Mela cycle-rickshaws operate between Railway Station and ferry jetty or 
take( bus no 94 ).

To reach Sagar Island one must cross the Muriganga river by ferry service. Ferry service is available in both Harwood point and Namkhana and controlled by West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation. Frequency of crossings are more in Harwood point and it is once in every half an hour. The fare increases at the time of Ganagasagar Mela Fair;
After reaching Sagar Island one have to cross the whole stretch of Sagar Island (32 Km.) by local bus or shared taxi. Except from Namkhana and Harwood Point, there is also a direct ferry service available to Kachuberia (Sagar Island) from Haldia.
It is possible to go the entire length by private car or hired car from Kolkata. At Harwood Point there is provision to transport vehicle with the help of a barge locally known as LCT. There are no fixed time for the crossings, because it is totally dependent on the water-level and thus, on the tides.

1) Kolkata (sealdah south section railway station)- to (kakdwip railway station) by Namkhana local.

2) From (kakdwip railway station) take( bus no 94 ) to Harwood point (or also called 'Lot 8').

3)From Harwood point (or also called 'Lot 8') to Kachuberia (Sagar Island) by ferry service.

4)From (Kachuberia)  to Mela or fair ground by bus.